Ivan Land Jr. Consulting & Design Co. is a design agency specializing in entertainment & lifestyle branding, visual storytelling, and business consulting. The brainchild of an experienced creative with a knack for marketing and consumer behavior – this growing powerhouse thrives on bringing dreams to life and translating goals into tangible results. This could be the spark you're missing.

Who is Ivan Land Jr.?

Ivan L. Land Jr.
Consultant - Web Developer - Graphic Designer - Entrepreneur

At the early age of 13, Ivan Land Jr. was purchasing the music industry's most sought-after web domains with Christmas cash and reselling them for returns inconceivable to a kid nerd. Working as a freelance designer for his favorite stars at the time, Ivan discovered the possibilities that the internet world provided and continued to develop his creative ability with several reputable positions and strategic partnerships. After years of trial and error, going on to pursue a dual-degree Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University, and developing a discontent for doing things 'by the script'; he was ready to take the creative sector head on. A natural communicator, Ivan has developed a reputation for masterfully blending the strengths of engineering, design, and marketing in the business and entertainment industries.

  • Ivan was critical in helping take a vision of creating an internal geospatial application using a large amount of data for sales enablement and making it a reality. Thoroughly impressed!

    Ryan Kelly - Senior Product Specialist, Google Enterprise

  • Glad to work with such a talented young guy! He developed a polished deliverable in a matter of weeks that far surpassed our expectations.

    Tim Leong - Past Deputy Art Director, Complex Magazine

  • INCREDIBLE WORK! Ideal consultant for projects
    and jumps roadblocks and hurdles with ease!

    Michelle C. Johnson - Past Media Relations Coordinator, Jive Records

  • His keen eye for design impressed everyone here from day one and was a great addition to our team. Ivan has no choice but to excel.

    Long Nguyen - Past Head Graphic Designer, Sean John

  • This kid is a bold go-getter with
    an undeniable persuasive edge.
    Probably could sell a cage to a Lion!

    Ryan Peláez - Lead Sales Engineer, Apple

  • Ivan is a natural-born revolutionary with the skill set to take anything to the next level.

    Virginia Booth-Womack - Interim Executive Director, National Society of Black Engineers

  • You are AMAZING, man. Wouldn't think
    twice about working with you again!

    Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson - Record Producer, Bad Boy Entertainment

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