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KleanCollar Inc. exists to improve the quality of life for men, women, and children by solving complex consumer problems with simple solutions.

The namesake, “KleanCollar™” is a patent-pending (USPTO Application #: 61/832,170) apparel accessory made to prevent the “unsightly” dirt-ring around the collar–an age-old problem that dates back to the 1800s when the first patent was filed to address it. Of the few products presently pursuing the market, our eco-friendly, machine-washable solution differs in two major ways. First, being made of medical grade silicon, our product is both reusable and comfortable to the skin unlike the one-use strips of tape that currently exist.

Secondly, our product preserves the wearable life and quality of collared shirts by preventing the dirt ring altogether in contrast to current spray-based products, which serve as mere treatments. Rooted in these subtle differences, our innovation will evolve as we explore new products and technologies. People will be wowed in part by the cost-savings, but even more so, we hope, by our efforts to ‘transcend the transaction’ as we relate to and connect with the customer both before and after purchase.


About Kenneth L. Wright, Jr.

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P.O. Box 388 · Atlanta, GA 30301
P: (657) 21 - KLEAN(55326) · info@kleancollar.com