👋 I'm Ivan Land Jr.
Director of Brand Marketing
& Growth Product Manager

Forward Leaning
Innovation, Market
Leading Solutions.

Empowering Brands, Products,
and the Creators Behind Them⚡
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We Can Build the
Future, Together.

Empowering Brands, Products,
and the Creators Behind Them.

What We Do.

Through our services, we connect the dots. With a Brand Strategy and Product Management focus, I specialize in helping businesses stand out in their industry and achieve their goals. Whether it's through crafting strong visual identities, maximizing online consumer reach, developing innovative products, or creating Go-To-Market programs, we use our collective expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that push boundaries and exceed expectations. We Can Build the Future, Together.

Product Strategy

Product Management and Development is at the helm of our work. Keen on scrum methods, our product philosophy is value-driven and scaleable. We're skilled at uncovering potential and developing roadmaps to success.

Digital Marketing

We can help you achieve your business goals through effective ad-buying campaigns and digital strategies, maximizing your online presence and reaching your target audience with data-driven approaches.

Brand Identity

We design and reimagine unique and impactful visual stories that reflect our partners' brand values and messages, crafting a strong visual identity that resonates with target audiences.   We are willful in ensuring that brand resonates.

Interaction Design

Our web philosophy focuses on creating intuitive and engaging user experiences through research, prototyping, and testing. We design interfaces that are easy to use, visually appealing, and that satisfy user needs and business goals.

Sprint Development

We help businesses and product teams overhaul their marketing and consumer strategies in focused sprints, delivering comprehensive solutions fast. Get ahead of the competition and stay ahead with the latest agile strategies.

Experiential Design

Engaging audiences organically is an art. We thrive on creating immersive spaces that leave lasting impressions. We dig deep into customer insights and pay close attention to cultural cues, reimagining how experiential is done.

Get in Touch.

Product is First, and Heart is before that. I strive to make a difference through my work and partner with organizations that share our vision for a better, more collaborative future. If that's you, Let's connect and create something meaningful together.

"How Product Management Made Me Better"

Becoming a marketing & product professional has taught me one of the most important lessons of my life: to care more. Having come from more traditional engineering roles, I was way more focused on the technical aspects of bringing a product to market when I first started in the field. But as I delved deeper into understanding customer needs and wants, I began to realize that it really is all about people.

It's not just about the end product, it's about the journey we take to get there. The research, the development, the testing, and most importantly, the feedback. It's about understanding that every single person is different, and that's what makes the world so incredibly dynamic. By understanding and empathizing with the end users who will enjoy our products, we can create something that truly delights them; and if you're anything like me - us too.

Product Management taught me to be a better listener, to be more patient, and to always strive to understand others. It's taught me to appreciate the diversity and individuality in the world. And most importantly, it's taught me to care more. To sum it up: whether you're just starting out in product management or you're a seasoned pro in the Product game, always remember to keep people at the forefront of everything you do. It'll make all the difference - and maybe that difference will be in you. ⚡

Upcoming Training:

EntrePersonality Workshop
UNC Charlotte • 2/11/23 • 12pm - 4pm

Ever wanted to learn what type of entrepreneur you are? The EntrePersonality Workshop is a unique and innovative program developed for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Designed as a series of interactive modules, each lesson is dedicated to one of the four archetypes of entrepreneurs: Infopreneur, Productpreneur, Freelancer, and Coach.

The program is based on the EntrePersonality™ matrix, a custom-developed framework that helps participants identify their strengths and weaknesses as entrepreneurs, and to understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with their archetype. Change the way you see Yourself, Change the way you see your Business.™   Sign Up Today

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